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Visit Our 2023 Exhibition

Our 2023 Summer exhibition will run from 28 July

to 25 August with interactive talks and events throughout Hillingdon libraries.


Learn more about the food culture of Hillingdon through our exhibition, and submit your own food stories!

Areas of Focus

Explore the areas of focus for the Hillingdon Food Stories project. Our group currently researches Food, Community, and Local Heritage; Urban Food Growing, and Local Food Businesses and Initiatives. 

Share Your Food Story

A food story is made up of what we do, think, and feel about food. For many of us, the foods of our childhoods, of our past, may be the ones that bring out more clearly defined feelings, such as nostalgia. Learn how to use the past, present, and future to find your food story and, through it, new ways to understand yourself and your community.

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